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Updated on March 11, 2024

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Here at SkillQ, we’re always keeping up with the latest business thought leadership, and Patrick Lencioni is one of our absolute favorites. His ideas are not only transformative, but they’re also simple and practical to apply in most organizations. That’s why we’re thrilled to share the Working Genius model with you. Developed by Lencioni, this game-changing model helps individuals and organizations uncover their natural gifts and unleash their full potential. In this comprehensive article, we’ll dive into the six types of Working Genius, explore practical applications and strategies, and discuss how our custom eLearning solutions can help your organization implement this incredible concept.

Understanding the Working Genius Model

Patrick Lencioni and his team at The Table Group developed the Working Genius model. It is a tool designed to help individuals identify their natural talents and strengths, which Lencioni calls their “Working Genius.” The model is based on the premise that everyone has a unique combination of genius and types of working genius that drive their satisfaction and effectiveness in the workplace.

The Six Types of Working Genius

    1. Wonder
    2. Invention
    3. Discernment
    4. Galvanizing
    5. Enablement
    6. Tenacity

Each type of Working Genius plays a crucial role in achieving success in personal and professional settings. Individuals can contribute more effectively to their teams and organizations by understanding and embracing these unique, innate talents.

Personal and Professional Growth with the Working Genius Model

The Working Genius model can significantly impact personal and professional growth. By identifying your top two genius types through the Working Genius assessment, you can focus on tasks and roles aligning with your strengths, increasing job satisfaction and effectiveness. Furthermore, understanding the genius types of your colleagues can foster a more cohesive and collaborative working environment.

Implementing the Working Genius Model in Your Organization

Integrating the Working Genius model into your organization can increase productivity and improve collaboration and overall success. To help you achieve results when you implement the Working Genius model, be sure to:

    1. Introduce the concept through a Working Genius workshop
    2. Encourage employees to take the Working Genius assessment
    3. Leverage each employee’s strengths based on their genius types
    4. Create well-balanced teams with diverse genius types
    5. Provide training and development opportunities to build skills in weaker areas

Creating a Working Genius Learning Group

Establishing a Working Genius learning group within your organization or on a personal level can be a valuable way to promote understanding and application of the model. The group can consist of diverse genius types and be led by a designated facilitator. Regular meetings, structured agendas, and interactive exercises can help reinforce the Working Genius concepts.  Ultimately, this will drive increased personal and professional growth.

Implementing a Working Genius eLearning Program

SkillQ specializes in custom eLearning solutions to help your organization effectively implement the concepts of strategic models like Working Genius. Our comprehensive instructional strategy for eLearning programs includes the following components:

    1. Storytelling and scenarios
    2. Interactive assessments
    3. Vicarious Learning
    4. Microlearning modules
    5. Gamification
    6. Discussion forums and social learning
    7. Expert-led webinars or virtual workshops
    8. Reflection and goal-setting
    9. Responsive design

By designing a Working Genius eLearning program that combines engaging instructional strategies and multimedia resources, your organization can effectively teach the model and help employees identify and leverage their unique working genius tool across different job types.

Working Genius Model for Executive Teams

Integrating the Working Genius concepts into your executive team can enhance collaboration, decision-making, self-awareness, and productivity. The following techniques can help you incorporate the model into your executive team’s daily operations:

    1. Assess and identify genius types of team members
    2. Share results and create an open dialogue
    3. Realign roles and responsibilities
    4. Balance the team
    5. Encourage collaboration
    6. Monitor progress and adjust
    7. Provide training and development opportunities

The Working Genius Podcast and Resources

The WorkingGenius Podcast, hosted by Patrick Lencioni, is an excellent resource for individuals and organizations seeking deeper insights into the model. The podcast features discussions, interviews, and real-world examples of the concepts in action. This is a valuable tool for anyone seeking to better understand and apply these principles.

Additional resources can further support your team in exploring the implementation of the model.  These include the Working Genius workshop, the assessment, and supplementary materials available from The Table Group.

Embracing Original and Novel Ideas

By applying the Working Genius model, organizations can foster an environment where original and novel ideas from the best teams are encouraged and appreciated. As employees better understand their unique genius types, they can focus on their strengths and contribute their best new ideas to the team. Subsequently, this leads to more innovative solutions and improved outcomes.

Finding the Best Working Genius Type for Each Role

As you align roles and responsibilities for working geniuses within your organization to match the genius types of your employees, it’s essential to recognize that there is no single “best” type for any job or given role. Instead, consider each genius type’s unique strengths and contributions to different jobs and how they can complement and enhance the overall team dynamic.

Transformative Book Aligns Perfectly with SkillQ’s Mission

As detailed in his transformative book, Patrick Lencioni’s Working Genius model aligns perfectly with SkillQ’s mission of empowering individuals and organizations to reach their full potential through custom eLearning solutions and Learning Management System (LMS) consulting. As a result, organizations that embrace the Working Genius concepts can create a more inclusive, effective, and successful work environment.


The Working Genius model offers a powerful framework for understanding leaders’ challenges by leveraging each individual’s unique strengths within a team and organization. By implementing this model, you can foster greater collaboration, productivity, and innovation. Ultimately, this drives your team leader and organization toward success.

SkillQ is committed to helping you harness the power of the Working Genius model through our custom eLearning solutions and LMS consulting. Contact us today to discover how we can support your organization in unlocking its full potential.

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