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Speeding Up Docebo Video Uploads

The Docebo video hosting service is a powerful tool for creating engaging rich-media training.  When configuring courses that include a large number of videos, the uploading process can be time-consuming because Docebo does not provide the ability to queue video uploads.  This is especially true when using large, high-definition video files.  Below we explain a simple work-around to simultaneously upload multiple videos to Docebo, and speed up the configuration workflow.

Uploading with Multiple Tabs

Whether uploading your videos to the Central Repository or directly to a course, open the “ADD TRAINING” dropdown, right click “Video,” and open the video upload page in a new browser tab. Repeat this action for each video you need to upload.  Be sure to use the same dropdown for each new tab, which will ensure that all of your separate videos upload to the same course or Central Repository folder. Set up each video upload as you normally would, and start the loading process in each open tab. After each video finishes loading, you will see the video listed in the original folder.

Knowing YourLimits

In our experience, Docebo doesnot throttle video uploadspeeds when  using multiple browser tabs. However, the upload speed will be limited byyour internet upload speed.  It’s a best practice not to overdo it with too many simultaneous uploads, since this may cause some uploads to fail. We recommend limiting upload tabs to five to ensure stability and avoid impacting other processes or users that share your internet connection.

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