LMS Consulting

We provide expert LMS consulting to help clients get the most out of their learning management systems.

LMS Checkup

The LMS Checkup is our service for clients considering an upgrade of their existing Learning Management System, or a renewal of a long-term LMS contract.

The checkup is an independent review and assessment of your current system. The detailed evaluation offers a starting point for making enhancements to your existing system or launching a selection process to find a new solution. In this deliverable, we provide an unbiased expert opinion on how your current LMS stacks up against modern competitors.

It also provides insights on how well your system supports your growth and expansion plans. Information collected in the Checkup lays the foundation for detailed learning management business requirements.

LMS System Requirements

Business requirements ensure your new LMS will support your business needs. Failure to adequately document requirements, or writing requirements that are not sufficiently detailed, will increase the risk of overlooking critical gaps in system capabilities and features.

We work with your stakeholders to ensure all voices are heard and included in the selection process. We provide hands-on guidance to your stakeholders and HR leaders on how to formulate requirements to enable them to be tested and rigorously assessed during the selection process.

Planning and Project Management

When it is clear that your current learning management software does not support your business needs, we guide you to build support from leadership and create a business case for change. Before launching a selection process, you should have a clear plan for the implementation.

We work with you to identify challenges and proactively address critical issues such as migrating content to a new platform, implementation tasks, and managing communication and training for your employees and teams. Failure to adequately plan migration and implementation tasks is a principal reason why LMS upgrade projects fail.

LMS Selection

Building on your business requirements and business case, we design a selection process that results in an LMS solution that meets requirements and satisfies Procurement and IT standards. Every selection process is unique, but we ensure you don’t miss essential steps that protect you from making a decision you will regret.

During Selection, we help you evaluate LMS product features and capabilities to ensure they support your organization’s business requirements. Our experience helps your team sort fact from fiction to avoid pitfalls that lead to an unwise decision.

LMS Implementation

After selection, we work with your vendor and your internal HR and IT teams to develop an implementation and migration plan. We begin with developing a comprehensive inventory of courses, media and other training assets that will migrate into the new system.

The inventory is used to test your current training content and identify compatibility issues in the new LMS or opportunities to optimize the learner experience. Next, we work with your IT department to ensure that user accounts can be imported from a personnel database or created using an API. Finally, we analyze your learner completion records and outline options for migrating records to your new system.

LMS Administrator

Don’t overlook LMS administration when considering whether to enhance your current system or implement a new system. Perceived shortcomings of an LMS may be the result of inadequate administrator training. Our aim, whether working with your existing LMS or a new system is to make sure you get maximum value from your investment and create the best experience for your learners. 

We provide supplemental support for your internal staff as they transition to administer the new system or seek to enhance your current system. Our support helps administrators optimize configuration and tackle complex issues. We mentor administrators and develop training that ensures retention of institutional knowledge over time. Finally, we design user training and job aids that reduce support calls and assist learners in getting the most from the new system.

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