eLearning Design

We design instruction and communication in-tune with learner needs and clarified by real-world scenarios.


We design training and communication to build new skills and motivate action. We judge the success of our design by how it solves real problems and delivers measurable outcomes.



We believe in stories. Stories that demonstrate, illuminate, and enhance retention. That’s why we go beyond “telling” to engage learners and reinforce understanding.

Connecting Knowledge to Performance

SkillQ designs are delivered through the information and training channels your learners and audience demand.


eLearning sets the stage for new skills. Our designs share knowledge, invite exploration, and inspire careful thought. We help learners avoid pitfalls and discover resources to achieve individual and enterprise goals.


Mobile Learning delivery is not a stand-alone learning strategy. It should be an integral part of all training projects. SkillQ helps you solve the challenges of mobile design and delivery to reach learners on their tablet and smartphone.



Virtual Learning can dramatically improve the flow of organizational knowledge. SkillQ specializes in streaming media, which is the core of virtual delivery. We help you take advantage of this opportunity with your current technology infrastructure.



Performance support is often viewed as paper-based job aids and brochures. SkillQ designs performance support for web and mobile delivery that delivers the right information, to the right people, at the right time to dramatically improve workforce performance.