LMS Reporting and Analytics

SkillQ’s LMS Reporting and Analytics services are designed to provide a deep dive into the analytics of your LMS, offering clear, actionable insights.

Understanding LMS Reporting and Analytics

In the realm of corporate eLearning, the power of data cannot be overstated. LMS Reporting and Analytics are essential for tracking learner progress, evaluating training effectiveness, and making informed decisions that align with your business goals. Our services are designed to provide a deep dive into the analytics of your LMS, offering clear, actionable insights. We specialize in providing comprehensive LMS solutions to the corporate sector, ensuring that your learning management system not only delivers content but also valuable insights and data to drive your organization forward

How we can help with LMS Reporting and Analytics

Customization of LMS Reports

We offer extensive customization options for your LMS reports, ensuring they serve your strategic needs and provide relevant insights into your training programs.

Key Metrics to Track

The most crucial metrics often include learner engagement, course completion rates, assessment scores, and post-training performance indicators, all of which are vital for assessing the effectiveness of your training initiatives.

Automation of Reports

Our solutions facilitate the automation of report generation, allowing you to receive consistent, timely updates on your LMS’s performance and learner progress.

Interpreting LMS Data

Our consultancy provides expert analysis and interpretation of your LMS data, translating complex datasets into actionable strategies to improve your eLearning content and delivery.

Advanced Analytics Features

We recommend LMS platforms equipped with comprehensive analytics and reporting features, including customizable dashboards, detailed learner progress tracking, and predictive analytics tools.

SkillQ's Approach to LMS Maintenace

Customized Reporting

We understand that every organization has unique needs. Our team works closely with you to customize reports that align with your specific goals and requirements, answering critical questions like:

  • How can we tailor LMS reports to reflect our organizational objectives?
  • Which metrics are pivotal for our training program’s success?

Advanced Analytics

We go beyond basic reporting to offer advanced analytics, helping you to:

  • Analyze learner behavior and course effectiveness.
  • Predict trends and adapt strategies for improved learning outcomes.

Automated Reporting

To ensure you have timely access to essential data, we offer:

  • Automation of regular reports, delivering crucial insights directly to your inbox.
  • Real-time data tracking to monitor ongoing training activities.

Data Interpretation

Our experts provide comprehensive support in interpreting LMS data, enabling you to:

  • Understand the impact of training on performance.
  • Make evidence-based decisions to enhance your training programs.

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