LMS Consulting

A Learning Management System is at the heart of your online training program. We make sure you get the most from your investment.

LMS Implementation

Our experience with translating business practice into LMS functionality will help you avoid pitfalls and ensure the final product supports your organizational learning goals.

LMS Administration

We support your LMS Implementation with tailored Administrator support. We prepare your internal staff through training and one-on-one guidance. We produce training materials to assist Learners and staff.

LMS Consulting Services

From LMS Selection to Instructional Design, we provide the services needed to ensure a successful implementation.

LMS Business Requirements

Detailed business requirements ensure your new LMS will support your business needs. Failure to adequately document requirements, or writing requirements that are not sufficiently detailed, will increase the risk of overlooking important gaps in system capabilities and features. We work with your stakeholders to ensure all voices are heard and included in the selection process.

LMS Selection

We help you evaluate LMS product features and capabilities to ensure they support your organization’s business requirements. The evaluation process is filled with pitfalls that could lead to a poor decision that will haunt your organization for years to come. Our experience and process helps you sort product feature fact from fiction and use this information to make the best choice for your organization.

LMS Implementation

The LMS Implementation process begins with a robust planning process, and a comprehensive inventory of courses, media and other training assets that will migrate into the new system. SkillQ supports your team by providing diverse skills in project management, data migration, and technical architecture. We supplement your staff where needed and partner with your internal IT department to build a team with the necessary skills for success.

LMS Data Migration

Transferring completion records from your previous LMS or importing user accounts from a personnel database requires planning, coordination, and attention to detail. We create a tailored plan for moving your data from your current system while maintaining data integrity. We assess the best path for migration that is most effective for your specific business and situation.

Curriculum Design and Configuration

Migrating to a new LMS is an opportunity to assess your current curriculum design and make improvements. We help with designing an effective curriculum that works for your business and can be implemented in your LMS. Our training architects make sure you’re making the most of your system by tailoring curricula to take advantage of LMS functionality.

Testing and Configuration

Testing and configuration is a critical step to ensure your training content is tightly integrated with your new LMS. We help you build a test script to identify issues and then assemble a plan for making the necessary changes to publish settings and system configuration.

Surveys and Course Evaluations

Business never stands still, and neither should your training. Regularly surveying your users will identify pain points and potential system enhancements, while ongoing course evaluations helps keep your training fresh and focused on your user’s needs.

Client Training

Your LMS doesn’t have to be a mystery. We create system admin training tailored to your environment and specific business needs, putting you in control of your LMS.

User Training and Support

Tired of troubleshooting? Not sure if the issue is with the system or the user? We create user training to reduce support calls, provide support to users that experience problems, and conduct screen-sharing sessions to get to the bottom of any issue.


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