LMS Consulting Services

We offer expert LMS consulting solutions and training services to help clients and companies optimize learning, develop their management systems, and achieve business goals.
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At SkillQ, we specialize in providing comprehensive LMS consulting services encompassing everything from selection and planning to implementation and training. Our mission is to partner with organizations like yours to enhance the learning experience, streamline management processes, and align educational technology with business objectives.

Tailored Solutions for Your Unique Needs

We understand that each organization has its own set of challenges and requirements. That’s why we offer customized consulting services designed to address your specific needs. From conducting thorough needs assessments and detailed planning to executing seamless implementations and providing ongoing support, our approach is holistic and client-focused.

Navigating the LMS Landscape

Our services are designed to navigate the intricate landscape of Learning Management Systems, ensuring you select, implement, and optimize the best solution for your organization. With SkillQ Consulting, you gain a partner committed to your success, helping you achieve your business and learning objectives with confidence and clarity.

Explore our website to learn more about our services, including LMS selection, planning, ROI analysis, and more. Let us help you transform your learning and development initiatives into a strategic asset that drives growth and success.

LMS RFP DevelopmentChoosing an LMS

Choosing an LMS is not about finding a one-size-fits-all solution; it’s about identifying a system that aligns with your unique business objectives and learning outcomes.

LMS Implementation LMS Implementation

It’s not just about installing software; it’s about creating a comprehensive learning environment that supports the organization’s goals

LMS Strategy  LMS Strategy 

To create an exceptional learning experience on a large scale, it’s crucial to have an effective LMS strategy and a comprehensive implementation plan.

LMS Administration

Our LMS administration services can help you fill gaps or provide additional support for your initiatives.

Table of Contents

LMS Selection

We design a tailored selection process that considers your business requirements and Procurement and IT standards to ensure that the LMS solution selected meets your organization’s needs. In addition, our experts have the experience and knowledge to identify the critical steps that protect you from making a decision you may regret.

In the selection phase, we guide you through evaluating the features and capabilities of various LMS products to ensure that they meet your organization’s business requirements. Additionally, our team can help you avoid common pitfalls and sort facts from fiction, allowing you to make an informed decision that aligns with your organization’s goals. Let SkillQ Consulting help you select an LMS solution that meets your organization’s unique needs and ensures long-term success.

Learning Management System Planning

We design our LMS Planning service to help clients confidently upgrade their existing Learning Management System or renew their LMS contracts. We conduct a thorough, unbiased assessment of the company’s current system, reviewing system documentation to identify gaps that must be addressed before embarking on a selection process.

Our experts then create a detailed Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for the selection phase, providing customers with a straightforward implementation plan and cost-planning roadmap. Finally, we estimate the costs involved and provide budget planning support, ensuring that our clients clearly understand the financial implications of their LMS decision.

By partnering with our LMS Consulting for LMS Planning, organizations can make informed decisions about their LMS plan, ensuring that it supports their business goals and growth plans. In addition, our personalized approach and expert guidance also provide clients with the confidence, skills, and knowledge they need to succeed in their learning and development initiatives.

Watch the “Your LMS Lifesaver” video for a quick understanding of how an LMS Consultant can help reduce your risk on your next LMS project.


An ROI (Return on Investment) analysis is crucial for organizations considering upgrading their LMS as it helps determine the financial feasibility and potential benefits of investing money in a new system. In addition, it enables decision-makers to evaluate the project’s costs against the expected benefits, such as improved efficiency, increased revenue, and reduced content creation costs. By calculating the ROI, decision-makers can make informed decisions about whether to proceed with the project, optimize it for maximum ROI, or mitigate risks that could impact the project and ROI. The analysis can also identify uncertainties or risks that may affect the project, allowing for a more accurate assessment of the project and potential benefits and costs. Overall, the ROI analysis ensures that the new LMS is a financially sound investment that will benefit the customer, employee, and organization significantly. Our LMS consulting can help you define and craft a compelling case for investing in enhancing, upgrading, or replacing your current LMS by identifying the new system’s tangible and intangible benefits. Our consultants will collaborate with your Chief Learning Officer (CLO) or learning and development leaders to complete the ROI analysis and provide support when presenting the business case to the executive team.

Maximize LMS ROI: Evaluate costs, benefits, & risks for a robust, competitive learning platform to boost employee development & productivity.

Needs Assessment

As an experienced consultant, our firm recognizes that each organization has a number of unique needs, resources, and requirements for implementing a new Learning Management System (LMS). That’s why we offer a comprehensive Needs Assessment service to help you gain a thorough understanding of your organization’s specific needs, resources, and demands.

Our approach to Needs Assessment involves collaborating closely with your team to understand your organization’s goals, objectives, and challenges. We gather and analyze qualitative and quantitative data, including stakeholder and employee feedback, usage data, industry, and system requirements, to identify effective solutions to any potential issues and opportunities for growth.

Our consultants then prioritize the identified needs based on urgency, need, feasibility, value, and potential impact on the business. Finally, we document these prioritized needs as input to define business requirements, ensuring alignment between investment decisions and your company or organization’s objectives and goals.

A comprehensive Needs Assessment is a critical and effective first step in ensuring a successful LMS implementation. To learn more and find out about one example of how we help organizations identify needs, review our Needs Assessment Case Study.

Maximize Needs Assessment: Learn how a global financial firm enhanced employee development & productivity by optimizing learning offerings & platforms.

LMS System Requirements

We understand that effective LMS technology selection requires well-documented business requirements. However, vague or poorly documented requirements can lead to overlooked gaps in system capabilities, hindering the success of the LMS implementation. Therefore, our LMS consultants work closely with clients’ stakeholders to ensure all voices are heard and included in the technology selection process.

We provide hands-on guidance to stakeholders and HR leaders in formulating comprehensive and detailed requirements. Our expert guidance and personalized approach ensure that you thoroughly consider all requirements. By collaborating with SkillQ for your LMS selection process, you can be confident that your new system will effectively support your business needs.

Our personalized approach to defining LMS system requirements ensures that all client requirements are thoroughly considered, ultimately driving success in your learning and development initiatives. In addition, we guide developing use cases to support the Business Requirements Document (BRD), as well as on system and configuration documentation. With our expertise and support, you can be sure that your LMS selection and development process will result in an effective system that meets your needs.

LMS Request for Information (RFI)

SkillQ Consulting helps organizations gather information about learning management system (LMS) capabilities, features, and pricing from potential vendors by creating a vendor Request for Information (RFI).

The RFI process is typically the first step in selecting an LMS vendor. By sending an RFI to several potential vendors, organizations can better understand the available options and compare vendors based on their responses. The RFI process also allows organizations to identify potential roadblocks and challenges that may arise during the selection and implementation process.

We have years of experience writing and responding to RFIs related to LMS selection processes. We can provide templates and communication tools to streamline the RFI process and ensure potential vendors receive the business and technical information needed to submit comprehensive responses. Our team can also help you evaluate vendor responses and narrow the list of possible vendors to find one to fit your organization’s needs and goals.

SkillQ’s LMS Request for Information (RFI) service can help organizations start their LMS selection process on the right foot. By gathering comprehensive information from potential vendors and evaluating responses, organizations can make informed decisions and select an LMS vendor that meets their needs and goals.

LMS Request for Proposal (RFP)

Our LMS consulting team can help you create a request for proposal (RFP) for your LMS selection process. We have extensive experience writing and responding to RFPs and are knowledgeable about industry best practices to ensure potential vendors receive the necessary business and technical information.

Our team is equipped with the expertise to guide you through the search process and provide templates and tools to streamline the RFP process. In addition, we can assist you in identifying the right questions to ask potential vendors, enabling you to focus on those companies and solutions that best fit your specific requirements.

Partnering with SkillQ Consulting ensures that your RFP is comprehensive, efficient, and successful in securing the right vendor for your organization’s learning management technology needs.

Discover a step-by-step guide to crafting an effective LMS RFP, from defining requirements to making the final decision. Access our free RFP template.

LMS Project Management

SkillQ Consulting understands that LMS administration is crucial for ensuring the success of your learning management system. Our LMS consulting services include the following:
  • Helping your administrators optimize the configuration of your system.
  • Tackling complex issues.
  • Developing practical training and job aids to reduce support calls and ensure learners get the most out of the system.
We aim to find how to help you get maximum value from your investment and create the best experience for your employees and learners. We also provide mentorship, consultancy, and training to ensure your administrative staff is well-equipped to manage the system and retain institutional and industry knowledge over time.
project management gantt chart

LMS Consulting - Integration

Successful LMS integrations are essential for enhancing your organization’s learning and development initiatives. Our LMS consulting services provide expert guidance in seamlessly integrating your LMS solution with existing software and systems, ensuring your organization can fully leverage its capabilities and streamline its learning processes.

Our experienced LMS consultants and employees are well-versed in integrating Learning Management Systems with various platforms, such as Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. This expertise allows us to recommend the best integration strategies and tools to help you maximize the value of your LMS investment.

eLearning Optimization for LMS Platforms

At SkillQ, we offer eLearning consulting services to optimize courses for your LMS. With 20 years of consulting experience and industry media development, we can help you redesign, modify, or transcode your learning content to work seamlessly with the features of your platform while ensuring it meets your training objectives.

Our team will work closely with your company to guarantee that your courses are correctly configured and run smoothly on your system. Additionally, we can troubleshoot content to LMS communication and completion tracking issues and redesign courses that need to host video assets on the company LMS website or a third-party hosting site or platform. Whether you need assistance with optimizing existing courses or creating new ones, we can help you achieve your eLearning goals and enhance the learning experience for your employees.

LMS Implementation

We provide end-to-end custom LMS implementation solutions that help organizations transition smoothly to new learning management systems. Our process starts with a comprehensive analysis of your current system and configuration to ensure we understand the project’s scope and objectives. Then, our team works with your HR and IT teams to develop a tailored implementation and migration plan that meets your organization’s needs and goals.

We offer many implementation consulting services, including data migration training, consultancy, user training, and post-implementation support. Our team is experienced in implementing LMS systems from multiple vendors, and we understand that every client’s needs are unique. We aim to ensure that your implementation is stress-free and successful, and we work diligently to meet all project deadlines.

If you’re considering implementing a new LMS or need help with an ongoing implementation, contact SkillQ Consulting Services today. Our team of experts is ready to help you make the transition to a new system as smooth as possible.

LMS Migration

At SkillQ, we understand the importance of migrating data when implementing a new Learning Management System (LMS). Our team of experts can assist you in migrating all data required to ensure a smooth and effective transition to your new LMS.

We offer businesses a comprehensive data migration service that includes migrating enrollments, user history, content, user groups, branches, notifications, and other critical customer data. Our team will work with you to understand your data requirements and develop a custom migration plan that meets your needs.

Our data migration process includes mapping and validation to ensure accuracy and completeness. We also provide testing and verification to ensure all data is migrated correctly and accessible within the new LMS.

Our professional data migration service will accurately and securely migrate your critical data to your new LMS. Contact us today to learn more about our data migration services and how we can help you with your LMS migration needs.

LMS Administrator Training

Effectively managing and maintaining a Learning Management System (LMS) requires skilled administrators who can navigate the platform and optimize its features to support the organization and employees’ learning and development goals. Our LMS Administrator Training program is designed to equip your in-house administrators with the knowledge and skills to manage your LMS effectively, ensuring that your organization derives maximum value from its investment.

Our comprehensive LMS Administrator Training covers the following:

  1. Platform Familiarization: We provide a detailed walkthrough of the LMS platform, ensuring that your administrators have a thorough understanding of the system’s features, functionalities, and capabilities.
  2. System Configuration and Customization: Our training program covers essential LMS configuration and customization options, enabling administrators to tailor the system to your organization’s unique needs and branding guidelines.
  3. Course Management: We offer hands-on training in course creation, content management, and course assignment, ensuring your administrators can effectively manage and deliver engaging learning experiences.
  4. User Management: Our training covers essential user management tasks, such as creating user profiles, managing user access, and monitoring user progress, enabling your administrators to manage learners and their learning experiences effectively.
  5. Reporting and Analytics: We provide training in using the LMS’s reporting and analytics tools, empowering your administrators to monitor key performance indicators, assess learner progress, and generate insightful reports that drive data-driven decision-making.
  6. Troubleshooting and Support: Our LMS Administrator Training includes guidance on addressing common technical issues and tips on accessing support resources and escalating more complex concerns to the LMS vendor when necessary.

Investing in LMS Administrator Training empowers your team to manage your organization’s learning management system effectively, ensuring that your learners have access to high-quality, relevant, and engaging learning experiences. This training also helps you discover how to reduce the likelihood of technical issues, minimize system downtime, and optimize the overall performance of your LMS.


Implementing an LMS brings several benefits, including centralized learning resources, improved tracking of training outcomes, personalized learning experiences for employees, cost reduction in training, and enhanced compliance management. It also enables scalable learning solutions that can grow with your organization.

LMS consulting services improve learning outcomes by ensuring that the LMS aligns with your organization’s specific learning goals. Consultants offer expertise in choosing the right system, setting up effective training modules, and ensuring the LMS integrates seamlessly with existing systems, leading to a more engaged and well-trained workforce.

When selecting an LMS, consider factors like scalability, user-friendliness, compatibility with existing systems, reporting capabilities, and support for mobile learning. It’s also crucial to align the LMS with your organization’s learning objectives and long-term business goals.

An LMS drives ROI by streamlining the training process, reducing the need for physical training materials, minimizing travel costs for in-person training, and improving employee performance through accessible and tailored learning. It also aids in retaining knowledge within the organization, contributing to overall productivity.

Common challenges include user resistance, compatibility issues with existing systems, and inadequate training content. Overcoming these involves effective change management strategies, ensuring technical compatibility during the selection phase, and investing in high-quality, relevant training content.

Conducting an effective needs assessment involves gathering data on current training processes, identifying gaps, understanding user requirements, and aligning these findings with organizational goals. This step is crucial for choosing an LMS that meets your specific organizational needs.

Customization plays a critical role in aligning the LMS with the unique needs and branding of your organization. It involves tailoring the look and feel of the platform, developing custom learning pathways, and creating reports that cater to specific managerial needs.

SkillQ Consulting takes a holistic approach to LMS integration, ensuring that the new system works seamlessly with existing HRIS, CRM, and other enterprise software. This approach minimizes disruption, maintains data integrity, and enhances the overall utility of the LMS.

Current trends in LMS include the use of Artificial Intelligence for personalized learning experiences, the incorporation of gamification to increase engagement, the integration of social learning features, and the emphasis on mobile-friendly platforms to support learning anywhere and anytime.

Success can be measured through various metrics such as course completion rates, learner engagement, knowledge retention, and the impact on job performance. Regular feedback from users and analyzing data from the LMS reporting features also provide insights into the system’s effectiveness.