LMS Administration

Streamline your operations and improve learning outcomes with comprehensive LMS Administration Services!

LMS Administration Services

LMS administration is crucial for ensuring the success of your learning programs, yet many organizations serve a large user base with as few as one LMS administrator. This means that turnover, reorganizations, vendor transitions, and other business disruptions can put your operational performance at risk.

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How We Can Help

Our LMS administration services can help you fill gaps or provide additional support for your initiatives. Our services include:

  • Reviewing your current system to identify risks, streamline processes, and exploit opportunities. We help you to maximize your investment in your existing system and feature set.
  • Serving as a technical liaison with vendors during critical system changes, new system implementation, and migrations.
  • Providing support for LMS administrator transitions or leave of absence.
  • Assisting in launching new training or certification programs that require specialized configuration.
  • Building and deploying custom LMS system documentation and LMS administrator training.

We provide the LMS administrator support your organization needs to ensure the health of your LMS system.  Additionally, we offer expert staff augmentation to cope with the challenges of employee, vendor, and technology changes.

Our Solutions

SkillQ’s approach to LMS administration is both strategic and performance-driven. We start by understanding your organizational requirements and key processes. We then design and implement tailored LMS administration solutions that seamlessly and efficiently support your operations and users. 

LMS System Upgrades

Regular upgrades enhance your eLearning experience with new features, improved security, and updated training materials for seamless learning.

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LMS Reporting and Analytics

We can develop tailored reports and an analytics dashboard to monitor specific metrics, enhancing the decision-making process for your LMS administrators.

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 LMS System Documentation

Unlock the full potential of your Learning Management System with comprehensive guides, interactive digital documentation, and custom troubleshooting resources tailored for optimal user engagement and system efficiency.

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 LMS Administrator Training

Our training programs are designed to enhance the technical skills of your in-house LMS administrators and help them retain institutional and industry knowledge over time.

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Learning Measurement Illustration Learning Measurement

Evaluate the effectiveness and impact of training programs, using data-driven analytics to optimize L&D strategies and align them with organizational goals.”

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Whether you’re facing challenges with system upgrades, need assistance with administrator transitions, or are looking to launch new training initiatives, our team is here to provide the support and expertise necessary for your success. From technical liaison services to custom documentation and training for your LMS administrators, we offer solutions tailored to meet your unique needs and objectives. Don’t let operational hurdles hinder the effectiveness of your learning programs.

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