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On-Demand Studio

Just add talent!

Helping Content Producers

The SkillQ Studio offers content creators a professional audio and video production space at a reasonable price. Our studio is a 20′ x 27′ space that is perfect for live video presentations, green screen production, and small meetings or training. The green screen area supports full-body shots, waist-up, and two-person interviews.

Equipped for Production

The studio includes lights, audio, and three robotic pan-tilt-zoom cameras with a teleprompter.  All you need is your talent. The configuration also includes an appealing background with wall lighting that is suitable for most corporate or live video projects. We have ample space for support staff and a live studio audience.

Control for Live Production

A Control Room allows producers and directors to collaborate without interfering with the production.  For live productions, directors can view all camera angles on a multi-view monitor and direct live video switching.   Remote cameras reduce the need for multiple camera operators and eliminate distractions in the studio.

 Self-ServiceStaffedWith Audience
By the Hour$75$300$600
Full Day$600$1,700$3,000


Studio rental pricing is based on the type of production and the level of support required by our staff. We offer self-service for experienced professionals or individuals who participate in a free studio training course. “With Audience” is an option for presentations that benefit from local audience interaction on-camera.