eLearning Development Services

Our eLearning development services provide rapid development of rich media custom eLearning solutions, leveraging the latest technologies to meet the unique needs of your business while maximizing design, quality, and cost-effectiveness.

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Challenges of off-the-shelf courses

Off-the-shelf courses often fail to effectively train employees because they are not aligned with the specific training needs and goals of each organization. Additionally, generic courses may not accurately represent your brand to employees or comply with your unique compliance requirements.

Benefits of custom eLearning development services

Our custom eLearning development services allow you to control the content and ensure maximum impact and effectiveness. Even for training that is currently delivered in the classroom or focused soft skills, custom eLearning solutions can be a valuable investment.

How SkillQ can help!

We work closely with you to explore, discuss, and identify the training strategies that will provide the most value to your organization. We then work closely with you to assist in the planning, development, and integration of these eLearning solutions with existing learning programs and applications in your organization.

Custom eLearning Development Services

Custom ProgramsLearning Strategy

Optimize your organization’s learning strategy with approaches that leverage emerging technologies and methodologies for improved learning outcomes.

Instructional Technology

Modernize your learning environment with advanced instructional technology solutions that engage learners and deliver measurable business results.

eLearning Course Development

Our eLearning development services consultants draw upon extensive experience gained working with a diverse range of organizations to craft innovative, effective, and efficient custom eLearning solutions.

Our approach involves harnessing the latest methodologies and cutting-edge learning technologies to create tailored solutions that meet each client’s unique training needs.

Online Training Course Development

We can build online and virtual training courses that stand alone or are blended with instructor-led sessions to maintain learner engagement while reducing delivery costs.

Our services include converting existing instructor-led training to virtual training course formats with custom training elements like quizzes, discussion forums, and multimedia to enrich the learning experience.

Mobile Learning

A mobile-first digital learning approach is increasingly important as these platforms enable learners across the organization to complete training at their own pace, at any time, and from any location.

We assist your mobile learning projects with responsive development techniques that enable you to deploy eLearning content, video, and other training media to mobile devices of all screen sizes.


Microlearning is an educational approach that involves breaking down complex concepts into smaller, manageable chunks, typically delivered in short, focused, self-paced training modules.

Our eLearning development services include helping you create and integrate microlearning-based custom eLearning modules into your existing technology ecosystem. We build and deploy these as brief segments optimized for reuse across multiple training courses and formats, including videos, quizzes, simulations, and infographics.

Discover the advantages of microlearning and learn how we can help integrate custom eLearning modules into your existing technology ecosystem.

Interactive Training

Interactive exercises provide opportunities during training for the practical application of knowledge skills. We work closely with your subject matter experts to create interactive training materials that leverage realistic graphics and videos to keep learners engaged. These eLearning solutions benefit you through improved knowledge retention, higher engagement, and cost savings.


Gamification in eLearning utilizes elements like points, badges, leaderboards, challenges, and storylines to make learning more engaging, enjoyable, and motivating. We develop custom eLearning gamification elements that help your learners maintain focus, improve problem-solving skills, and develop a sense of accomplishment.

Through integration with your LMS, we can help you monitor, manage, and analyze the effectiveness of each eLearning gamification component.

Learn more about Gamification.

Artificial Intelligence

We specialize in using AI technologies, leveraging advanced tools like ChatGPT and Claude.ai to expedite and enhance the course and media creation process.

These AI applications streamline the design of personalized and adaptive training materials, ensuring a more engaging and efficient eLearning experience.

Additionally, we can partner with you to assess, select, and implement the AI solutions best suited to each phase of your development process. This includes analyzing learner data, automating content generation, and providing real-time assistance to learners.

Learn more about AI & ADDIE.

eLearning Development Services for Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Course Conversion​ and Optimization

SkillQ has extensive experience supporting course content conversion initiatives, including redesigning physical classroom training to virtual learning experiences, replacing generic training with custom courses, migrating to a new learning system, and revising existing educational content to stay updated with the latest eLearning technologies.

We offer a variety of custom eLearning solutions that can transform your existing course content to be compatible with the latest software tools and design models.

Learning Management System Advisory

Our LMS Consulting and eLearning developers can ensure your Learning Management System (LMS) is optimized to deliver online courses to your learners. This service is essential for organizations looking to ensure their eLearning products are fully compatible and optimized for their chosen learning platform.

This process includes meticulous testing and adjustments to guarantee that your courses are created and deployed to function perfectly for your employees within the LMS environment.

Blended Learning

By leveraging our expertise in instructional design and eLearning development, we help you maximize the potential of your overall program. Whether your training course is composed of a series of leadership training classes, new employee onboarding, virtual training sessions, custom eLearning solutions, or a blend of different modalities, our team ensures that every aspect of your training program is blended into a cohesive design for your employees.

SkillQ provides LMS selection, implementation, and administration consulting with experience in corporate and extended enterprise systems.

Video and Multimedia Production

We leverage our production team and in-house studio to enhance custom eLearning initiatives with high-quality, engaging multimedia course content. Our team of expert graphic designers and multimedia specialists work closely with clients through every stage of the course development process to create visually stunning and educationally effective eLearning.

Rapid Media Development

We specialize in rapid development to generate media using a wide variety of graphic design and eLearning course authoring tools. Our design team ensures that each piece of eLearning content is not only aesthetically pleasing but also created in alignment with your business branding standards and preferences.

Flexible Publishing and Integration

Whether we develop a series of instructional videos, simulations, or engaging infographics, every eLearning element is crafted to enhance engagement and knowledge retention for your learners. Additionally, we can assist in publishing training materials compatible with your LMS-specific authoring tool or learning library.

eLearning Authoring Tools

Our team uses a variety of course authoring suites to develop eLearning courses that align with your training priorities.

Articulate Storyline

Storyline is a powerful tool for creating interactive, media-rich custom eLearning courses with a wide range of customizable capabilities.

Articulate Rise 360

We use rise 360 to quickly develop responsive eLearning courses that adapt seamlessly to various screen sizes and devices. Read our Rise 360 Case Study example.

Adobe Captivate

A versatile authoring tool that facilitates the creation of custom eLearning courses. Adobe Captivate provides support for advanced features like simulations, branching scenarios, and responsive design.


Vyond is a video animation tool that allows us to develop engaging, visually appealing custom content for your training programs.

SkillQ designs training & communication to build skills and motivate action. Our success is measured by solving real problems & delivering measurable outcomes.

Quality Assurance and Testing

An excellent learning experience doesn’t happen by accident; it’s always a deliberate creation. Our custom eLearning development process includes comprehensive testing procedures to guarantee an excellent learning experience for users.

To ensure the best custom eLearning solution, we blend technology best practices with contemporary media and web content strategies, ensuring that our methods are not just current but also forward-thinking. Our commitment to excellence and innovation means that we don’t just meet your business goals; we exceed them, delivering custom eLearning solutions that are both effective and sustainable.