Custom eLearning Development

We specialize in custom eLearning development, delivering tailored training solutions to meet your specific learning objectives.

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Optimal Learning Outcomes

At SkillQ, Our instructional designers and developers work closely with you to create custom eLearning courses that engage learners, improve business performance, and drive knowledge retention.

Choose Custom eLearning Solutions Over Off-the-Shelf Courses

When you choose custom elearning solutions, you get a custom learning experience tailored to your specific training needs and business outcomes. Off-the-shelf courses often lack the personalization and adaptability to address your organization’s unique requirements.

Custom eLearning Content Developed with Adult Learning Principles in Mind

Our instructional designers create custom eLearning content that adheres to adult learning principles. We ensure that your custom eLearning courses foster a conducive learning environment and lead to positive learning outcomes.

A custom course means YOU control the content

When your company doesn’t have control over eLearning content, it may result in generic, off-the-shelf courses that fail to address your organization’s specific needs and goals.

This can lead to a less effective learning experience, with lower engagement and limited knowledge retention. Moreover, it may not accurately represent your brand or comply with your unique compliance requirements. In such cases, the potential for achieving desired business outcomes is diminished.

Embrace custom eLearning courses to regain control over your content and create a tailored training solution that ensures maximum impact and effectiveness.

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Course Authoring for Custom eLearning Courses

At SkillQ, we understand the importance of high-quality course authoring in developing custom eLearning courses. Our team of experienced instructional designers and developers employ a range of advanced authoring tools to create engaging, interactive, and impactful eLearning content tailored to your specific learning objectives.

Our developers use a variety of cutting-edge authoring tools to create custom eLearning courses that align with your training program requirements. Some of the leading authoring tools we employ include:

    • Articulate Storyline: A powerful tool for creating interactive, media-rich custom eLearning courses with a wide range of customizable features.
    • Articulate Rise 360: A responsive eLearning development platform, enables us to create custom eLearning courses that adapt seamlessly to various screen sizes and devices.
    • Adobe Captivate: A versatile authoring tool that facilitates the creation of custom eLearning courses with advanced features like simulations, branching scenarios, and responsive design.
    • Vyond: A video animation tool that allows us to develop engaging, visually appealing custom eLearning content for your training programs.
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Mobile Development

“Mobile first” is the new mantra for learning design. SkillQ is ready to support your mobile learning projects with “responsive” development techniques that enable you to deploy instructional designs or corporate communication to tables, phones, and screens of all sizes.

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Web Development

Many projects require a website or web-hosted content as reference or performance support. In other cases, an internal website is the best solution to promote a new project or initiative. Whether your project requires web content or a web application, SkillQ meets the needs and expectations of your audience.

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Course Conversion​

If you’re looking for a way to convert your old eLearning courses into HTML5 or video format, SkillQ can help. We offer a variety of solutions that can take your existing content and make it compatible with the latest technologies. 

Learning Interactions

Interactive exercises help to reinforce learning and communication. SkillQ creates web-based interactions that are designed to “plug into” eLearning courses and websites. This allows learners to get the most out of their online experience and facilitates a more engaging and effective learning process. 

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Testing and QA

A great user experience doesn’t happen by accident. It’s the result of a robust quality assurance and testing process. By carefully planning and testing every component of your elearning content, we create a seamless, cohesive experience for users. At SkillQ, we use processes that are designed based on software development best practices and adapted to modern media and web content.

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