Instructional Design Consulting Services

We recognize that instructional design is more than creating engaging learning experiences; it’s about deploying solutions that deliver on your company goals.

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Our instructional design consultants partner with your organization to design, develop, and deliver training solutions tailored to fit your unique business context and challenges.

Our consultants have a proven track record of success in helping organizations build a curriculum from scratch, monetize learning products, convert content to a new system, and more.

They have developed instructional design approaches and solutions for a diverse range of clients, delivering measurable improvements in employee performance and learning outcomes.

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Training Solutions

Our Instructional Design Consulting solutions include custom learning strategy, instructional design, and technology solutions support.

SkillQ specializes in Training Solutions, offering consultation and administration services tailored to corporate and extended enterprise systems.f

Learning Strategy

Needs Assessment:

Project Implementation:

Skill Framework:

Instructional Design

Blended Learning:

Content Curation:

Virtual Classroom:

Discover how AI tech like ChatGPT revolutionizes the traditional ADDIE model in instructional design, streamlining course creation and enhancing learning.

Technical Solutions

eLearning Design:

LMS Content Conversion:

Video and Multimedia:

Discover how to enhance the LMS user experience & guide learners to essential resources, transforming workforce performance with a tailored interface.

Instructional Design Consulting Principles

Partnership and Commitment - "We're in this together."

Our services are rooted in the principle that our success as an instructional design company is best achieved through strategic partnership and shared commitment. Our lead instructional design consultant manages training projects from inception to completion, ensuring clear communication and team alignment.

We start by clearly understanding the business purpose and goals that define the core value of every training project. This is achieved by partnering with your team to conduct a needs assessment or by building learning strategies on the foundation you have already established.

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Rapid Development - "Iterate to innovate."

We are experienced in leveraging instructional design best practices associated with ADDIE and SAM development approaches and will readily adapt to your preferred company project management and instructional design processes.

Recognizing that every project will have its surprises, our instructional design consulting approach favors rapid development tools that provide the agility needed to save time and adapt to changes while staying on tight timeframes.

This results in a more streamlined, efficient, and cost-effective training development process, providing our instructional designers the ability to focus more of their time on ensuring the quality of every learning activity they create.

SkillQ delivers modern enterprise learning & communication by integrating media, web content & traditional delivery models to achieve business goals.

Performance Impact - "If you can't measure it, it didn't happen."

A key priority of our design consulting service is defining performance gaps and creating measurable improvements in performance results. It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day execution of a complex training project and lose sight of what’s most important.

Identifying performance gaps and maintaining a focus on these throughout the project guides our instructional design team to create instructional content that is always highly relevant and directly impactful to your organizational goals.

Instructional Design Process

We specialize in developing tailored training materials that align with your specific training needs. Our instructional design consultant team follows a comprehensive learning process to ensure effective outcomes.

Planning & Analysis

The first step in our approach is an assessment to understand the specific knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) required for your organization.

This is followed by a thorough learner and job task analysis to define specific learning outcomes and training needs. Our instructional designer will then create a curriculum map and learning project plan to guide the development effort.

Our instructional designers collaborate with your subject matter experts to carefully scope and prioritize each learning objective. This process focuses on ensuring that only the most impactful and business-relevant content is advanced to the design phase.


SkillQ provides LMS selection, implementation, and administration consulting with experience in corporate and extended enterprise systems.

Instructional Design & Development

Our instructional design consultants are experienced in applying best practices in instructional design and learning technology. Throughout the curriculum development process, our instructional designer will collaborate with your subject matter experts to craft tailored learning designs and course content that align with your objectives.

Whether your learning objectives call for instructor-led training, eLearning courses, or blended learning delivery methods, our instructional design team will design custom solutions to suit your needs. This process begins with identifying all existing training materials and determining which instructional content can be reused or adapted to your needs.

Our eLearning developers apply their expertise in media and technology to create engaging and interactive course content that integrates with your existing learning management ecosystem. They leverage modern authoring tools, best practices, and emerging technologies to quickly develop visually appealing and highly interactive training programs, ensuring that employees learn new skills quickly and easily.

Implementation & Evaluation

Our instructional design consulting services include assistance with implementation and support, ensuring each course is easy for you to administer and your learners are set up for success.

It’s not enough to develop impressive eLearning or even grow the knowledge and skills of learners. Ultimately, what matters most to our clients and instructional designers is improving employee performance. For this reason, it is important to invest resources in creating tools for motivation and reinforcement of learning after program delivery.

Among instructional design best practices, evaluation is often the one that receives less focus, given competing priorities. Our instructional designer will develop a comprehensive evaluation plan that can be used to ensure learners achieve training goals and overall program outcomes can be measured and communicated to company leadership.

Given the experience and expertise we have developed over years of supporting a wide range of client projects, we are confident we can help your organization create a successful learning program that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

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