Video Production for eLearning and Training

Video is just one of many media formats available to trainers and instructional designers, however, unlike other “new media” formats it has stood the test of time as the most cost effective way to share subject matter expertise and perspectives with a large audience across diverse delivery channels and “screens.” Used effectively, it builds an emotional connection with your audience that encourages buy-in and promotes knowledge retention.

Instructional Analysis for Video

The ADDIE model for instructional designers is a familiar framework from which to start the design of a video segment. In this post, I will focus on the “A” or Analysis phase as it relates to video planning and production.

The Analysis phase is an opportunity for you to educate yourself about the content, the audience and the individuals who are important to your audience.

Learn how to manage instructional design projects

Project Management for Instructional Designers

In this post, I sit down with Greg Stevens, Instructional Design Ph. D., SkillQ Learning Architect, experienced project manager and PMP trainer. We discuss the importance of project management skills for trainers and instructional designers. We also talk about the requirements for getting PMP certified.