Speeding Up Docebo Video Uploads

The Docebo video hosting service is a powerful tool for creating engaging rich-media training.  When configuring courses that include a large number of videos, the uploading process can be time-consuming because Docebo does not provide the ability to queue video uploads.  This is especially true when using large, high-definition video files.  Below we explain a simple work-around to simultaneously upload multiple videos to Docebo, and speed up the configuration workflow.

3 Ways to Convert Your Flash eLearning Content to Video

By now, most eLearning professionals know that content published to Flash must be redesigned, or at least republished to HTML5 before the clock runs out on Flash support. The conversion process creates the opportunity to consider a new video-based architecture for designing and delivering rich media eLearning courses.

Breakout Rooms in Live Online Learning

Web conference breakout rooms are the most exciting feature currently available for live online learning. The breakout rooms feature, currently offered by Zoom, GoToTraining, and Adobe Connect, allows instructors to use small group activities in live online learning. Using breakout rooms, a meeting host can move participants into separate online “rooms” for activities. The host can visit each breakout room to listen in on discussions and provide direction before pulling everyone back together in the main session.

Man views webinar on laptop

Webinar vs. Web Conference: Which is Better for Employee Training? Part II

In an earlier post, “Webinar vs. Web Conference: Which is Better for Employee Training? Part I,” we provided an overview of web conferences as a tool for corporate learning and compared them to their face-to-face meeting counterparts. This post continues with a discussion of webinars, and explains how their features differ from web conferences. It details the types of training events that benefit from the unique feature set provided by webinar delivery.