LMS Consulting &
Custom eLearning

Expert guidance for selecting, implementing, and optimizing learning management systems, paired with tailor-made eLearning courses for your organization’s success.

As a premier LMS consulting firm for medium to large enterprises, our primary focus is on guiding your organization through the selection, migration, implementation, and optimization of learning management systems tailored to your unique business needs. Alongside our LMS expertise, we offer custom eLearning course design and development to ensure seamless integration with your chosen platform.

LMS Consulting

SkillQ is your trusted partner in LMS Consulting, offering comprehensive solutions to optimize your Learning Management System (LMS) and enhance its effectiveness for your organization. With over a decade of hands-on experience administering and implementing LMS solutions, our team comprises seasoned experts in instructional design, eLearning development, and learning technology.

Our LMS Consulting services focus on understanding your organization’s unique requirements and leveraging our technical expertise and knowledge of how people learn to create engaging and meaningful learning experiences. By doing so, we ensure that your LMS investment is maximized and supports your organizational objectives.

SkillQ provides LMS selection, implementation, and administration consulting with experience in corporate and extended enterprise systems.

When you choose SkillQ for LMS Consulting, you benefit from expert guidance, such as selecting the right LMS platform tailored to your needs, assistance in LMS implementation, integration, customization, and learning best practices for LMS administration, course deployment, and user management. We also provide insights into effective learning strategies and content creation to boost learner engagement, as well as support in leveraging your LMS to track, measure, and analyze learning progress and performance.

By partnering with SkillQ, you can unlock the full potential of your LMS and create a learning ecosystem that drives results, empowers your employees, and fosters a culture of continuous growth and development.

Contact our LMS Consulting experts today to transform your organization’s learning experience and optimize your LMS investment!

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Custom eLearning Development

SkillQ is your one-stop solution for custom eLearning development. With over 20 years of experience, we have crafted innovative and effective eLearning solutions for organizations across various sectors, including retail, healthcare, insurance, banking, and finance.

Our expert team combines deep instructional design skills with the latest authoring tools from Articulate and Adobe to create engaging learning experiences tailored to your needs.

Our LMS expertise enables us to architect solutions that maximize your LMS investment and align with your learning deployment strategy. At SkillQ, we understand the importance of synergy between your LMS and learning content to drive performance and achieve organizational goals.

Discover how AI tech like ChatGPT revolutionizes the traditional ADDIE model in instructional design, streamlining course creation and enhancing learning.

We take employee engagement to the next level by incorporating gamification elements in our custom eLearning development process. This approach enhances user interaction, motivation, and overall learning outcomes while meeting your business objectives.

Choose SkillQ for a comprehensive custom eLearning development experience that combines cutting-edge technology, expert instructional design, and engaging gamification techniques. As a result, we can transform your employee training and development programs to deliver exceptional results.

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Learning Experience Designer

Are you seeking to develop engaging and impactful learning experiences for your audience? At SkillQ, we believe that exceptional Learning Experience Design (LXD) is the key to unlocking your learners’ full potential. Our team of LXD experts is committed to crafting memorable learning journeys that captivate and motivate learners while fostering a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

With years of experience designing and delivering successful training programs across diverse industries, our LXD professionals possess the knowledge and skills to develop custom learning solutions tailored to your organization’s needs. In addition, we collaborate closely with you to understand your unique requirements, learning objectives, and target audience. Our collaboration enables us to create bespoke learning experiences that drive results and promote long-term retention.

Discover how to enhance the LMS user experience & guide learners to essential resources, transforming workforce performance with a tailored interface.

In addition to our expertise in LXD, we utilize cutting-edge instructional design strategies, advanced authoring tools, and proven engagement techniques to ensure your learning solutions are both effective and enjoyable. By partnering with SkillQ, you can rest assured that your training programs will inspire and empower your learners to achieve their goals.

Contact us today to explore how our Learning Experience Design services can elevate your training programs and unlock your learners’ potential!

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